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We have to consciously break the habit of only taking care of our bodies once we are already sick! 🤒 NO- this is soooo backwards guys! Health is something you have to invest in EVERY DAY. Your medicine should be 99% PREVENTATIVE. This is the secret of Eastern traditional medicine and cultures.🗝 Allopathic medicine is missing this fundamental cognition, so we have to do the work ourselves to fill in the gaps and educate ourselves about how to take care of our bodies from the start.

"For your regular life, you don't need solid food...NIRAHARA, LIQUID DIET as much as possible, make your food as liquid. Also the traditional (ayurvedic) herbs: TUMERIC, TAMARIND, NEEM, HARITAKI, TULASI, BILBA. Make the traditional items as food for your life. I tell you, you will live with so much health and long life. Especially when you take haritaki, your lungs will become so pure it will start converting oxygen into energy."

- Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

Perfectly sums up why I am so healthy and feel better physically than I ever have in my life. I have so much energy, rarely ever get sick, never feel heavy from food or have any digestive issues. These are my secrets!!! • Organic Vegetarian (almost vegan) diet 🍓🍌 • Ayurvedic preventative medicine daily (honey, lemon, turmeric, ginger, haritaki etc) 🍋🍠 • Tons of liquids ☕️ (fruit and veggie smoothies, teas, non-fluoride water) • 1 maximum 2 solid meals a day 🍽

If you are skeptical- GOOD. You should be. But I am telling you from my experience, it works and has brought endless benefits to my life. At least test it and TRY for yourself 😇

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Cheers! Freshly squeezed OJ/Grapefruit Juice from our own backyard!

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