How to Travel...While Traveling ;)

When you live halfway across the world 🌎, the easiest and most affordable way to see new places... is LAYOVERS!

Yes, this is my secret guys. Since we always already look for the CHEAPEST flights ✈️available when we go out for visa, I suddenly had the realization- Hey! If I already have a 15 hour layover, why not schedule it for 30?! 😅 In countries where you can leave the airport without visa (which a ton of Asia beautifully allows you to do), you can just wing it 🤸🏽‍♀️ and explore by foot for a day! Just in the last few months we have explore Japan ⛩ and Singapore 🏙 this way!

What better way to break up super long flights than with a little adventure📍🗺?! You can save hundreds of dollars on flights by taking the toll of a super-long layover(s). Instead of whining and taking an uncomfortable chair nap, you can explore an entirely new country with just a bit of planning! I spent maximum $100 to explore Japan for day, using the metro and visiting temples and shopping areas. In Singapore, I spent a whole weekend for about $150!

If you are a frequent traveler or ever booking a long flight, its worth a shot researching different routes and purposefully booking layovers in countries you can hop out and visit for a day! #traveltips #affordabletravel #layovers

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