How I Knew I Had Found My Guru

There is an immense humbleness, egolessness which comes with following a Master. It is a spiritual process in itself to admit- hey, I don’t have this all figured out and this will take me a long time on my own. Let me seek out someone which has the knowledge and experience I wish to gain.

Just like in any field, if you want to become an expert, you learn from the best. Whether it’s medicine, sciences, athletics, or SPIRITUALITY. I luckily realized many years ago, there are Beings on this planet which have attained liberation and if I seek that same liberation, let me dedicate myself to learning from them.

Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

That has been my journey from 2015 onwards: seeking the Ultimate truth inside of myself, and ultimately finding a master who reflects that Ultimate me. This is why gurus exist, to show us WHO WE TRULY ARE. Infinite, Divine, One.

I knew I had found my guru when I watched Swamiji sit for 21 days straight, 20 hours a day hugging people, listening to them, wiping their tears, hearing the depths of their hearts, answering endless questions, even being taken advantage of...yet never ONCE he moved from his place. Never once he lost His patience. Never once he was anything less than pure bliss. Never ONCE he lived for himself, only for others. Constantly and permanently loving without condition.

I knew I had found my guru when He said (and has only ever repeated this as a mantra from the beginning of his life until today): I AM NOT HERE TO PROVE I AM GOD. I AM HERE TO SHOW YOU THAT YOU ARE. And I have heard him repeat this truth more than any other statement.

I knew I had found my guru when I could feel TANGIBLY and physically my body being electrified by his presence. My Kundalini awakening constantly, my every cell feeling as if for the first time in my life, I was ALIVE and AWAKE. When I witnessed things most people would call as miracles-on a daily basis- happening in his presence.

And I really knew I had found my guru, when He hugged me for a minute straight and I knew I had reached complete completion. I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I shed years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse just like that. Within a matter of seconds. And my life today is still a testament to that healing.

I REALLY really knew I had found my guru when He told me, “You are my daughter. You are my most favorite daughter. Love you dear.” :’) Or that time when on my wedding day, just like any real father would, Swamiji FaceTimed me and Dridha congratulating us, blessing our marriage and wishing us a lifetime of happiness together.

My guru has shaped my life and changed my life in every possible way. He has shown me the true meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE GIVING WITHOUT FAIL LIVING ONLY FOR OTHERS RADIATING TRUTH AS IT IS.

I have absolutely no words to explain truly how magical my life has become since have a living Enlightened Avatar guiding my life PERSONALLY, loving me, always being there for me, picking me up when I fall, holding my hand through the darkness, being more invested in my life than I am. To sum it up, I truly feel I have absolutely nothing to fear and nothing to EVER worry about. He has proven to me that LIFE ALWAYS SUPPORTS ME.

This is why gurus have always been the cornerstone of Hinduism. The guru disciple relationship is the most beautiful relationship you could ever experience in this lifetime. Guru is our compass through the dark night of the soul. Guru is the stability in our life that no other human being could offer us. Guru is the ultimate teacher of Cosmic Truth. I’m truly telling you, if you have ever thought how I know what I know, how I have come so far so quickly, it is simply a testament to my Teacher. My life is a testament to the sacred teachings He has gifted me with.

Thank you forever and always to my rock, my teacher, my friend, my father Swamiji. Life with a master becomes the most sacred, unbelievable journey.

Happy Guru Poornima to all❤️❤️❤️

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