Another Side of India

I am tired of the story they keep telling you about India. “It’s so dangerous for women” “you can’t travel alone” “rape is like an epidemic there” “isn’t it so dirty and smelly” “it’s so behind the US”. These statements are all I ever heard about India from my teachers, media, and community. These statements are still 90% of what I see and hear being told about India. This, my friends, is what we call the danger of a single story.

I’d like to share with you another story. You know that feeling when you come home after a long time away, and smell “home” and feel home and everything just feels right in the world? That is how India made me feel the first time my feet touched the soil and it has never let me down since. In some ways my connection to India cannot be explained, but in many other ways it can. India makes me feel home because of the people that make it up. The unwavering warmth and joy and hospitality that I have encountered in almost every face I’ve met. The generosity and reverence for life which radiates in individuals and in the culture. In India, life is a celebration. There are a million reasons to be grateful and a million reasons to smile. Whatever may be missing doesn’t really seem to matter.

Sri Ranganathar Temple, Srirangam

There is a spiritual ambiance you can feel in the air itself. Like when the wind moves through the trees or you feel the giant red sun on your skin. Or when you feel your bare feet touch the cold stone of the temple floors...and you could swear that you feel the temple breathe beneath you. Like the symphony of bells and horns and voices. Like the smell of jasmine and incense and cows somehow always in the air.

India, she is alive. She holds the history of humanity in her soil. You can feel her and smell her and taste her on your tongue. She is one you can never forget.

So when someone asks me if I feel safe in India, I tell them honestly I have never felt safer. Like a baby in her mother’s womb. #india #bharat #incredibleindia #travel#journey #temple #tourism #yoga#meditation #hinduism #enlightenment#spiritual #ancient #culture #story #home#ranganathaswamy #srirangam

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