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How I Knew I Had Found My Guru

There is an immense humbleness, egolessness which comes with following a Master. It is a spiritual process in itself to admit- hey, I...

On the Ego & Emotions

I have been contemplating on the polarity of life, how duality is what rules our lives in the physical plane... Why is it we are so drawn...

Where Are Our Trees Going?

You most definitely have heard our forests are disappearing, but do you know WHY? And no, the answer isn’t as simple as paper. Out of all...

My Health Secrets

We have to consciously break the habit of only taking care of our bodies once we are already sick! 🤒 NO- this is soooo backwards guys!...

Another Side of India

I am tired of the story they keep telling you about India. “It’s so dangerous for women” “you can’t travel alone” “rape is like an...

Loneliness VS Aloneness

Loneliness VS Aloneness...For most of my life I never knew there was a difference. And for most of my life, I deeply suffered in my...

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